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Smart Solutions

iNstall will take a professional look at each client’s needs large or small and determine the best course of action to help maximize convenience, security and money saving solutions.

Energy Conservation

iNstall utilizes today’s smart technology so you can customize and control your utility systems to be more efficient and cost effective, focusing on conserving energy and saving you money from the convenience of any location. Smart Switches and LED Lighting - Affordable convenient options

Check out the NEST YouTube video on our Links page!

Security Managment

iNstall offers many security, alarm, surveillance options and many other solutions, offering real time coverage for your home or business at your fingertips utilizing today’s smart phones and smart technology. Affordable convenient options

Check out the RING YouTube video on our Links page!

Maintenance Programs

iNstall offers many different residential and commercial maintenance contracts to fit your needs, all with variable services on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule. Services include but are not limited to HVAC inspections, filter changes, electrical system inspections, lighting services (inside and out), backup generators, and water and gas system inspections. Will perform walk through inspections of entire residence or facility to spot potential problems before damage occurs. We will custom a maintenance program that will suit your needs at a price you can afford.